Are you tired of being locked in a gym? Would you like to get muscle, but are you really not attracted to machines? Taking muscles with fewer constraints has become possible with coaching FizzUp. The app is being used by more than one million users, this method revolutionizes bodybuilding by offering you to muscle directly at home, without equipment and cheaply, while enjoying the advice of a personal coach. Masculine has therefore listed for you 9 good reasons to the muscle without special material. Drop your dumbbells on the ground and launch the free FizzUp app – let’s go!

FizzUp Coaching


1. Flexibility when you hold us

Have more flexibility in your training, you dream? By muscling yourself without equipment, you no longer have to go to your gym. You can get muscle right at home, as well as at the office, on the beach or in your garden. The round trips to the room, the schedules to respect, the wait before a machine or the impersonal atmosphere will be a distant memory.

2. No need to break your piggy bank

Bodybuilding without equipment allows you to make significant savings since you no longer need to pay any sports membership: the FizzUp program is indeed completely free! And if you want to optimize your results, even more, the FizzUp PRO version, available at less than 10 euros/month, will satisfy you by offering you more exercises, more program customization, adding to your heart’s content, work out abs or stretching at the end of each session as well as mini-programs (called Focus) to target a specific part of your body.

3. Less fat for more muscle

Weight training at body weight promotes fat loss in favor of lean body gain. Abandoning the equipment allows you to lose weight and refine your figure by supporting only the weight of your own body. FizzUp capitalizes on the latest innovations in terms of sports training to offer short and intense sessions whose effectiveness is not to be demonstrated. Formats like HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) allow you to continue burning fat up to 48 hours after your session.

4. Harmony without material

By muscling yourself without material, you develop a dry and harmonious musculature. Your muscles seem more prominent and your entire body more toned. Weight training at body weight indeed encourages the synergistic work of several muscle chains. Your bodybuilding session has never been so effective, since with a single exercise you solicit all the muscles of your body, for a balanced visual result.

5. Say goodbye to muscle imbalances

Bodybuilding with equipment causes muscular imbalances causing pain, postural sequelae and a sometimes unsightly visual rendering, often nicknamed the “inflating” effect. On the other hand, using the weight of your body, the real work weight, you strengthen your muscles as a whole and preserve your back, which machines tend to damage.

6. Right in your sneakers

Weight training at the weight of the body solicits all the muscle chains, in particular, to reinforce deeply the back muscles. You stand upright and do not risk seeing your shoulders curl forward, as with the machines. FizzUp’s complete hardware-free programs are tailored to your current goal and fitness and include muscle building and cladding exercises for better posture on a daily basis.

7. Goodbye wounds

By not using any material, you take care of your joints and your tendons, because you make them work more naturally. The risk of injury due to training is greatly reduced and it is your body that thanks to you. On FizzUp the good execution of each movement is shown by the coach and on the blog, each exercise without equipment is decrypted by experts.

8. Be stronger without machines

9 good reasons to build muscles without equipment

Muscle building with the weight of your body offers many physical gains while making your life easier. You are stronger and more powerful and you also gain in agility and balance, undeniable physical benefits for the practice of other sports activities.

9. To you new sensations

Without material, you discover new abilities to your own body. Have nearly 200 different exercises on FizzUp, you can not get bored, you feel sensations hitherto unknown, which motivates you to continue your efforts to achieve your goal and achieve results in just 6 weeks.