When first aid for the face of a man appeared, there are big ten years (in 2005-2006), some made the pout. Even more than that. Of human care? As for women? What next? Of course, since then, the effect of surprise has subsided and no one is surprised to see a man use an anti-aging treatment or a moisturizer for your face.

How to take care of your face when you are a man?

How to take care of your face when you are a man?

All this without losing in virility or without being “openly metrosexual”. According to statistics, 30 to 50% (yes, the range is very wide) men use daily facial care.

But, without falling into the clich├ęs, we must recognize that not all men are used to the use of these cosmetics. What is the purpose of a scrub? How to make a beauty mask for men? Should I use a defiant or concealer? These are the questions we are often asked at Masculin.com.

So, even though we have already talked to you about male beauty products here, we decided to offer you a complete guide to correctly use the skincare products dedicated to your male face. Follow us, you will know everything.

There are 5 steps that can (should?) Be part of your daily routine to pamper the skin of your face.


More than just a touch of soapy water on the face, we are talking about a treatment that eliminates sweat, sebum and all impurities encrusted on your face. This helps to unclog the pores of the skin and makes the skin softer. The icing on the cake: a well-cleaned face will make other applied cosmetic treatments more effective.


All men (even those with oily skin ) should think about better moisturizing their skin. Good hydration slows the aging of the skin and helps to tone the face.


Giving you a better look, a more colorful complexion and getting rid of tiredness is the goal of these products. Prefer care enriched with vitamin C and caffeine to better stimulate your skin.


A man’s face covered with a few wrinkles, it can be sexy. But to avoid these signs of time being too marked, the use of an anti-aging or anti-wrinkle treatment can be beneficial. We do not promise to earn 10 years by applying these creams on your face, but their complete action can only be good for your skin. Especially if you clean and moisturize properly too!

Eye care

If the defoliants are good for your entire face, some products are particularly intended for the eye area. They allow getting rid of puffiness, dark circles, and puffy eyelids.
The skin is very thin on this part of the face, it is important to use specific care. Especially since we must not forget that your eyes may be one of your main assets of seduction.

Scrub and self-tan every 2 to 3 days

In addition to the daily care mentioned above, some products can help you to have an even more radiant complexion and skin even more clear.


The scrub is an operation to fight against pimples and blackheads. These last appear especially when the pores of the skin are obstructed. Daily cleaning can prevent their appearance, but for skin really flawless, nothing beats a scrub! Freshness effect guaranteed!

Spray tan

To have an impeccable complexion, some men do not hesitate to wear makeup. For others who want to wear a nice tan but do not have the chance to go in the sun, a self-tanner can be the solution. Such care can also help prolong your tan at the end of the summer. Think about it!

The mask for a deep facial

Finally, more punctual (once a week, it is good!), We advise you to use a mask. There are some dedicated to men, but you can just as well borrow that of madam … or prepare it yourself ! This will allow deep cleansing of your face.

And the shave in all this?

We would almost forget it, but shaving is also part of the facials. It’s even the most masculine of them, you’ll agree. But as such, not all men are equal. Both because of their hairiness and their skin type … or their personal taste.

So, some of you will prefer to use shaving foam and a mechanical razor when others will opt for shaving oil and an electric razor. And we do not even talk about those who let their beards grow … longer or shorter.

In any case, we remind you that it is better to shave after the shower or at least after passing hot water on the face to dilate the pores. Finally, after passing the blade, an after-shave or beard oil (if you are bearded, of course) are more than recommended.